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Tips for A Smooth Home Move

11th June 2019

Moving home is an exciting time, but also a very busy and potentially hectic experience. 

Here are 10 useful tips and reminders to make moving into your Crayfern home that little bit more smooth-running:


1. Declutter and down-size - before you consider moving your life from one place to another, consider downsizing your possessions. It can be quite simple to sell furniture items via places like the Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, or even post-office windows. You could of course also visit a car-boot sale. A new home can represent a fresh start, an opportunity to refine what you own and rediscover things to love.


2. Pack early - during the earlier stages of a move, whilst awaiting various paperwork and parts of the process to finalize, to take your mind off this, begin packing non-essentials early on.


3. Pack one room at a time - pick a space which contains items you are least likely to need to access. Clearly label each box with the proposed future room location, the contents, and whether the contents is heavy or fragile.


4. Create an inventory - as you pack each room, note the main key items from that room, to help you find things that little bit faster and keep your eye on all your valuables amidst a busy move.


5. Designate a holding space in your new home - specify a space, or room, where you can stow items you may not need or want to organize straight away. This means when you do move in, you can keep your essential items in easy reach and leave non-essentials for a quieter time.


6. Create a utility spreadsheet - in the first week in your new home you will likely need to create accounts for your utilities, such as electricity, and also other items, such as council tax, TV licencing, Internet etc. Creating a spreadsheet checklist beforehand can help you feel ahead of the game, and you can also make note of the appropriate contact telephone numbers and websites.


7. Plan for address change notifications - make a list of all the companies you will need to notify of your address change, from your vehicle (tax, driving licence and car insurance) to your bank etc. Also familiarise yourself with the process for each address change as some companies allow you to do it quickly and easily online. Then once you have moved you can use the checklist and a pre-written letter template (if required) to notify all agencies.


8. Set-up a postal redirect for future post - when setting up in your new home, you are unlikely to want to make numerous trips to your old home to retrieve potentially important post in the first few weeks. Redirect costs are relatively affordable and bring some piece of mind. To see more:


9. Research product lead times - planning on purchasing a new sofa, some stylish blinds or installing the latest Sky TV package? All these products usually have associated waiting times. By researching these way ahead of your move, you may be able to make it work so that you don't need to wait too long for your house to truly become the home you love.


10. Prepare your moving day essentials the day before - have some snacks at the ready, the kettle easy to get to, umbrella's for the unpredictable English weather, and a comfortable outfit to wear on the day!


Crayfern wish you the best on your big move!

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